Founder and Managing Director, Attorney Mitchell Feldman, has more than 25 years of successful experience representing real estate and corporate matters. Mr. Feldman has personally attended thousands of hearings throughout Florida representing over $20 billion of property in the tax abatement process.  Mr. Feldman has also provided title on over $150 million of property. With a multi-discipline background in real estate and corporate law, valuation, title, foreclosure and finance, Mr. Feldman is uniquely positioned to deftly handle such matters.

Mr. Feldman also serves as a Managing Partner to various development ventures which have completed development of over 1 million square feet and have over 1 million square feet of upcoming projects.

Mr. Feldman began his career in the legal field, practicing real estate, property taxation and general corporate law.  During this time, Mr. Feldman also founded Florida Title Escrow & Abstract, Inc. providing title insurance for residential and commercial transactions in Florida, and Tri County Realty, inc., a real estate brokerage and professional tax adjustment company.  In 2009, Feldman founded FBS Property Tax Abatement, LLC. as a subsidiary of the law firm Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price and Axelrod, LLP where he represented over $10 billion of property and saved his clients over $15 million in property taxes. In addition, Mr. Feldman served as Director of Aztec Group, Inc. a full service real estate investment banking firm, in which he specialized in facilitating the acquisitions, disposition, financing and capital needs of real estate projects.

Of note is Sunset Harbour vs. Joel Robbins in which Mr. Feldman successfully represented a South Florida condominium association in the landmark Florida Supreme Court case defending the constitutionality of the substantial completion property tax statute.

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